Kristine Buenavista


My childhood was made of vast ricefields, kite flying, and doldol pillow making with my grandmother. I was born in Sitio Batuan, a farming community without electricity so we had an intimate relationship with the radio and the night sky. Storytelling has kept me curious about life and the world. Whether I am telling stories or listening to them, the primal wisdom of the universe unfolds.

It is also these ever-pulsing narratives that have constantly inspired me to travel and immerse myself in different cultures in the Philippines and the world.

I am an independent digital content creator and executive sidekick with more than 10 years of professional experience. I have worked with diverse clients over time and have deepened my skills in working with CEOs and brands that value moral imagination, creative impact, social innovation, mindful living, sustainability, and change-making. Writing and performing poetry grounded by creative contemplative living,  creating installations that highlight the power and plight of rural women and managing grassroots creative movements like Alima Community and Artivism Iloilo offer me a sense of rootedness.

Through both platforms, I am able to design community-centered and site-specific programs that enable art to take up space in unlikely locations and grow into a powerful tool for developing the self and the relationship with the Land.

I have been led back to a slower path – the giving force of my childhood. As a highly sensitive person, I need to commune with wild nature constantly, to feel things a bit softly, and to soak myself in stories vulnerably.