Stepped Into

“It’s strange, but I still dream of us. In the dream, we are really old. Then, there is a balcony by the sea. We don’t talk much in the dream, but I know it’s you…and it gives me peace.”

Your letter found me after a nap. The street outside the hostel was quite busy. Just like how the exterior world is seemed to be designed for. So, I let the mail breathe deeper. I let the time of the day stretch a bit longer.

Then, I decided to write back. “Hi. I am in HongKong and the food is expensive. I saw a man in a beautiful dark alley and we had the eye contact – it was painful and serene. There was an amusing area where sex toy shops and eateries stand side by side. there is no proper beach near here now, but yesterday, when I walked around the harbor, I felt like I stepped into someone else’s dream.”